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Dynamic Sub-Domain Reverse Proxying in Kubernetes with Nginx

5/2/20247 min read

In this article, I explain how we can dynamically point sub-domains to specific services in a Kubernetes cluster through a single ingress by setting up a dynamic reverse proxy service using nginx.

My Google Summer of Code Experience

9/19/20195 min read

My experience and learnings from completing Google Summer of Code 2019 with Salesforce Open Source on the Design System React project.

Things that matter in a Hackathon, and why hackathons matter.

12/20/20184 min read

A reflection from first hackathon experience, why hackathons matter, and things that matter in a hackathon.

Django Models: Setting up Many-to-Many Relationships through Intermediate Models

10/18/20184 min read

A tutorial on how to setup many-to-many relationships in Django using intermediate models, and how to manage them in the admin interface.