niche project

HackMe - IoT Security Game

PeriodJuly 2021

HackMe is an IoT Security Awareness Game made for Cisco AJPC SecCon 2021. The game was designed to educate the audience at the virtual conference about various security vulnerabilities that could be in IoT devices, especially in duplicate and cheap quality devices, with a goal to make them choose trusted brands over cheap knock-offs. The interactive quiz-styled game shows a house, and the user can click on various IoT smart devices at house, each of which would bring up a decision question that can be risky or safe, and the player / house owner makes choices for different devices, and clicks on "hack me", and the game tells which all devices got hacked due to the security risks created by the players choice. The game was built alongside Cisco's Cybersecurity team, one of whom was my senior at college, who reached out to me to build the game for the event.



  • Built for Cisco AJPC SecCon 2021 virtual conference, to educate the audience about cyber risks that can be found in cheap, knock-off IoT devices.

Tech Stack

  • NextJS
  • React
  • Javascript
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