Traboda Arena

PeriodJan - Sep 2022, Oct 2022 - Present
Work Made for Hire

Traboda Arena is a cyber skill assessment & benchmarking platform that facilitates hosting competitions such as Capture The Flag (CTF)s, recruitment tests, and hands-on workshops in various domains of cyber-security. The platform has already proven its mettle hosting numerous CTFs for top universities, cyber conferences, renowned government organizations, and large tech companies, including for Cisco, NCIIPC, AICTE, Schneider, Amrita, BITS Pilani, VIT, team bi0s etc.



  • The platform been used at over 40+ CTFs and over 50k+ participants have used the platform

  • Hosted bi0s CTF 2024, which got one of the highest rating (96.5) in CTFTime globally

  • Hosted campus recruitment CTFs for Cisco, Schneider, NCIIPC, AICTE and more, helping the organizations to identify top talents in the field of cyber-security, who have vetted practical skills.

  • Hosted CTFs for top universities and colleges in India, including Amrita, BITS Pilani, VIT, VIIT, etc.