✅ Full Ecosystem

Like countries completing their nuclear triad, I have completed my Apple ecosystem.

  • Apple MacStudio 2022 (M1 Max, 32GB, 512 GB) - My workstation that does all the heavy lifting, taken from Traboda. This is my primary device for work, and I love it!

  • Apple MacBook Air M2 2022 (16GB, 256GB) - Multipurpose laptop with all the juice (performance + battery), and it's very convenient to work on the go with this. I use it for writing, browsing, entertainment, and ofcourse for development. This is the best purchase of my life so far!

  • Apple iPad Pro 2018 (11", 128GB, w/ Pencil) - This was my first Apple device, and I used it a lot during my undergrad days. I still use it for taking down notes, attending meetings, and consuming content. (unfortunately, I don't use it regularly anymore - I dont know whether I would buy it now)

  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini (128GB) - My only phone. It's small, compact, and powerful. I use it for everything, from taking photos, watching YouTube, to browsing the web. It has a terrible battery life, and often have to charge it twice a day (not to mention the hunt for a lightning cable). It's annoying, but I am waiting for a type-c iPhone to upgrade, and I am locked into the ecosystem.

  • Apple Watch SE (Cellular) - I use it for tracking basic health metrics. I am a no-notification person across all my devices, so I don't use the watch much. To be frank, I wear it only for the looks.

(I owned Airpods, but I lost them)

Other Electronics

  • Sony XM5 - My primary (only) headphones. I amazed by the ANC, but its a little uncomfortable to wear lying down (how I consume most of my content). Also, the touch controls are sometimes annoying, and it doesnt have wear-detection and auto-shutdown.

  • Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard - I selected it for the convenience of seamlessly switching across my laptop & MacStudio. It has a great finishing, and premium feel.

  • Dell Pro Wireless Mouse


  • Browser: Google Chrome (99.99%), Brave
  • IDE: Jetbrains - Webstorm & Pycharm (Rarely use VSCode), Google Collab (for prototyping :P)
  • Terminal: Fig
  • Notes: Obsidian, GoodNotes (on iPad)
  • Password Manager: 1Password (planning to switch elsewhere)


  • Youtube Music (Sorry, I never got into Spotify)
  • Power user of GitHub Copilot & ChatGPT